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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dia Kay!

Hi Kristen and Brandon!

Life with Dia Kay simply keeps getting better and better. She is a beauty! See for yourself.

She was spayed a month ago and came through the ordeal without any complications. Dia passed puppy kindergarten and confidence training with flying colors, and is now ready to enter obedience training. The Border Collie owners and my trainer feel Dia would be great at agility training (a huge compliment!), so we will explore this as well. Then we will finalize with service training, because her disposition will be great around children and the elderly.

I never did receive Dia’s papers, Kristen. Perhaps, you mailed but they were lost in transit? Would you mind terribly resending? Thanks so much. The friend that was with me that day that I picked up Dia is starting to think she may need a puppy just like Dia. They could be BFF just my friend and I are! J. I will send Leslie your way if she takes the plunge.



Hi Kristen,

I feel like I am really spamming the group with Rigby pics.  But these two came out really nice and I thought you would enjoy seeing them.  She is going to have a really classic look.  I am just so happy to have her with me because along with the looks comes a ridiculously fun goofy sense of humor. ;-)

Hope all is well with you and your family!


Dear Kristen and family,

Buddha is officially street legal (has all of his shots).  He just loves being outside and is a pleasure to take anywhere.  He is unbelievably social, instinctively great with children, adults and other dogs.  He is very sweet natured, smart and mellow.  He has the most beautiful temperament.  I understand why you nicknamed him Mr Wiggles.  Every time he sees anyone he does a complete body wave, it's most endearing.

Walking along the street is very difficult because everybody wants to pet him.  Cars often pull over and comment on how stunning he is, they also ask me where I got him from.  He is the most beautiful color.  He is now 15 inches at the shoulder and weighed 20 lbs on his 16 week visit.  His paws are huge and his vet thinks that he is going to be a big boy.  She also commented on how stunning he is.  I give Braskens name out everytime I am out.  Perhaps you could you send me some more business cards to give out, if you would like.

We love him more each day,  Thankyou so much for our Buddha. 

We hope that all is well with your family.  Once again, thankyou for the best dog ever.

PS ( He is booked in to be neutered Jan  9th)


We won a first place ribbon in our Novice Dog Obedience class!  Thought you might be interested in an update -- he's the best dog in the world & we could not love him more!

Take care,
The Ludkas