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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dia Kay!

Hi Kristen and Brandon!

Life with Dia Kay simply keeps getting better and better. She is a beauty! See for yourself.

She was spayed a month ago and came through the ordeal without any complications. Dia passed puppy kindergarten and confidence training with flying colors, and is now ready to enter obedience training. The Border Collie owners and my trainer feel Dia would be great at agility training (a huge compliment!), so we will explore this as well. Then we will finalize with service training, because her disposition will be great around children and the elderly.

I never did receive Dia’s papers, Kristen. Perhaps, you mailed but they were lost in transit? Would you mind terribly resending? Thanks so much. The friend that was with me that day that I picked up Dia is starting to think she may need a puppy just like Dia. They could be BFF just my friend and I are! J. I will send Leslie your way if she takes the plunge.



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