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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi Kristen. I wanted to send you a few pics of Murray that we've taken over the last few weeks....he has gotten so big! :) We are kind of obsessed with him and have loved getting to know his fun and quirky personality. He is learning new things every day and is one of the better listeners at his puppy kindergarden class. :) He has officially met his new best friend, Blue, and loves play dates, chasing balls, finding sticks in our backyard and just being around us. Thank you so much for such a cute and wonderful puppy!

Hope you guys are doing well...maybe we'll run into you at farmers again sometime soon!


Ricky Bobby!

Hey guys - hadn't dropped you a line since we picked up RB in January, but we wanted you to know that he is doing great and has made a wonderful addition to our family. His big sister Quinn (chocolate lab) loves playing with him, and at just over six months he is already standing taller than her (though she still has 25 lbs on him). He has been through puppy kindergarten as well as puppy elementary, and in both classes he is way beyond his peers. He learns extremely quickly and is definitely intelligent...although sometimes that makes me believe we he does something "naughty" he knows right from wrong and figures that he can ask forgiveness. Anyway we have had his hair cut once, if anything just to get him used to it. We take him to Coronado beach every weekend and even at three months old he recklessly bounds in to the waves without any fear. I do believe that he has a tendency to see his big sister Quinn do something and think that he can do it too - which can be good and bad I guess. Anyway, between the two of them they keep me on my toes working from home. We go on walks all the time and everyone always wants to pet him and he is always very friendly in turn. His coat is definitely that fleecy, soft, chocolate that we were hoping for. He doesn't shed like our lab, but the 'fro does trap a lot of dirt (of course, maybe if he wasn't wrestling around in the dirt with Quinn all the time that wouldn't be an issue). Sorry it has taken so long for us to write, but thought you would want an update!



Hi Kristen,
And happy spring time to you and Brandon and all the dogs and pups!
I thought I'd send you a couple of recent pictures of Bruin --he's doing great, his coat is long now and we're getting ready to get him a bit of a spring cut as he's beginning to get hot when he's chasing the ball around. He is such a wonderful fellow, still making friends wherever he goes, on trails or in parks, and much loved by all of us.
He recently weighed in at 71 pounds, and has been enjoying baseball season with Sam -- I take them out and exercise them together (!) but to keep competition down, we have one ball for Sam (baseball) and one for Bruin (tennis ball)...
Hope you're all well,
take care

Gracie Update!

Gracie just turned two. She got presents from me and David and also from the grandchildren. She takes a swim at least twice a day. I can remember when we couldn't get her into the pool. She goes to doggie day care on Thursdays. It's called the Hotel at Barkingham Palace. I think that she misses us at doggie day care, she cries and talks to us all the way home.l
We are spoiling her rotten and she knows it. Very smart dog, she weighs about 42 pounds, very happy and healthy and so well loved.

This photo is from one of our road trips to or from Carmel. She is very comfy on top of the luggage.

I'm sending one more photo, I just don't know how to get into this so I'm sending it in a second email.