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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi Guys,
This will probably be my last email to you about Maybelline as you will soon be busy with new puppies and future owners. The bottom line is that she is absolutely a joy and a wonder. Her energy in boundless - what happened to the little 'pink collar girl' who wasn't the first to come over to greet you? She is wild or else asleep, I guess that's just puppy hood.
Kristen, when you said she'd be the one to sit by my side, that was right on - she sits ON my feet if she can or UNDER my chair as a second choice. I now keep all my shoes in a covered basket in my close because she loves to play with them.
My 2 other dogs tolerate her but there is no playing no matter how hard she tries, just growls. In fact, the big male runs away from her all the time - I look out the window and see him running up the pasture hill with her trailing behind. Thank goodness she stops before the part that's too steep to mow or else she'd be one gigantic fox tail! Speaking of which, almost every flat surface in my house has had a small pile of fox tails and burrs on it at one time or another. It seems like all I do is pick them out of her wonderfully soft and getting longer hair, whenever she's calm enough that is! Next summer, I'll have her shaved.
She's finally found our welding studio, which is about 200' from the house. My son and daughter-in-law are there every weekend, so seeing new people is very exciting. She seems to love aluminum, bringing small pieces back to the house to chew on them, YIKES! This morning I found her in the bathroom licking the outside edging of the shower stall which is aluminum. I usually keep that door shut as she pulls all the toilet paper off the roll and drags it through the house.
The 2 doggie doors she mastered in 10 minuted by following the other dogs. She learned 'sit' for food really quickly and stay, but nothing else is getting through to her yet. She weighs 13.5# and has almost outgrown the little harness I have in the truck. She's very good when I do errands with her, no barking while alone in the truck. But man o' man is she vocal at other times. Right from the start, she'd growl and make these funny partial barking noises while playing with her toys. Sometimes she just sits and stares at me or one of the big dogs while scolding with those funny barks. Is this something you've noticed from one of her parents? One thing I know is from Cisco - the way she sit with one back leg cocked at a funny angle - I see it in one of his pictures on your website.
We all love her dearly and appreciate your breeding program which produced such a little character - you should be proud too.
Take care, Cyn

Darwin Update

Oh.. had to share Darwin weight update. He is 67lbs !!!!! Darwin and Maggie are the SAME weight! Today she is exactly 9.5 years old and he's 9 months! Hee! He's got a waist still and isn't too big, but he's getting taller and more solid! Amazing! Do you know how big his siblings have gotten? I'm curious.. he sure made up ground from his humble beginnings! Recently Darwin became a virtual "spokesdog" for Sycamore Grove Park.. my favorite place in Livermore. So now his photo is plastered up on the kiosk main entrance for all to see. Honors and benefits already at the age of 9 months!

Shiloh (Purple Collar Girl), 4 months old

Shiloh is our first “big” dog. We’ve always had little ones, like our 3 Dachshunds that Shiloh is getting along with great. We have so much fun watching Mya and Benny run after Shiloh in the back yard. Shiloh is the perfect girl for me – she’s so sweet and cute, I can’t possibly get mad at her for hiding the TV remote (now kept in a drawer). We brought Shiloh home at 10 weeks and she was immediately house trained! She just followed the other dogs out on a regular basis – never an accident. She’s been the easiest puppy to train. I can’t believe how she listens and how quick she gets it. She’s a perfect companion and walk buddy. I’ll be ready for my second Labradoodle in a year or two. Thank you Kristen and Brandon! Karen & Bob, San Diego, CA

Chloe Update

Hi Kristen,

Sorry we haven’t gotten back to you in a while. Chloe is a wonderful dog, and she is so great with our daughter. She is so sweet, and is such a joy to everyone that meets her. We wanted to send you some new pictures of her, and in these pictures she had just gotten a bath so her hair looks a bit fluffier than her usual coat. Anyways hope you are doing well and just wanted to say thanks again!


The Hickman Family


Hi Kristen! I am so sorry we haven't emailed you anything about our beautiful puppy but we have been so busy this summer!Anyways we decided to name the puppy Enzo! And he is getting HUGE =)Oh and he is very hyper right now and likes to bite and bark at you! But he is still a loving puppy! He is going to start puppy training classes and get neutered soon. I am sending you some pictures and I will send more because these are a month old and he has grown so much in that month! Sandy

Toby at three months old

Toby is 3 months old now and has been a big hit at puppy play group and with our trainer, who say that her temperament is a credit to the breeder! She is a mellow girl who practically came housebroken. Very laid back, great with the kids and extremely clever. We love her. She enjoys snoozing on this FAO Scwartz couch that the girls outgrew just in time. Just two more weeks and she will be down on the Hermosa Strand taking walks and mingling with other Southbay dogs!! We'll keep you posted. Oh - and yes, very cuddly as predicted from this litter.Speak soon,The Gold Family


Here are two of Brasken's pups enjoying some cuddle time:)

Gracie at 3 months old!

Here are some photos of Gracie with our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. Gracie just loves her.
Did I tell you that Gracie will sit, down and shake so far. Just wait until puppy school. She will be a star.