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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shiloh (Purple Collar Girl), 4 months old

Shiloh is our first “big” dog. We’ve always had little ones, like our 3 Dachshunds that Shiloh is getting along with great. We have so much fun watching Mya and Benny run after Shiloh in the back yard. Shiloh is the perfect girl for me – she’s so sweet and cute, I can’t possibly get mad at her for hiding the TV remote (now kept in a drawer). We brought Shiloh home at 10 weeks and she was immediately house trained! She just followed the other dogs out on a regular basis – never an accident. She’s been the easiest puppy to train. I can’t believe how she listens and how quick she gets it. She’s a perfect companion and walk buddy. I’ll be ready for my second Labradoodle in a year or two. Thank you Kristen and Brandon! Karen & Bob, San Diego, CA


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