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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jack update

Kristen & Brandon-
I hope all is well with you and all the dogs! I had to share this pic...although not very good resolution.We are absolutely in love with Jack and this breed in general. We could not have asked for a more loving, faithful, sweet, smart dog. I totally get the fascination with this breed!Take care -The Moebius Family

Darwin Update

I've attached a photo of Darwin post-dog park on Saturday. We had a nice break in the rain and while Maggie was at Junior Rangers we took him to the dog park and then had lunch at the Ale House. He drew lots of attention from passers-by on foot and driving down First St. He's such a good boy! -Andie and Family

Bogey Update

I just love Bogey. He is such a sweetheart and just the best dog. He is a perfect match for us. He listens and learns quickly. On command he sits, shakes, goes down, stays and comes. He has to work hard on the come. Up the hill from us is a Golden doodle and he and Bogey are best friends. It also seems that just this last week he is 99% house broken. I say that as he is probably having an accident. -Gabler Family

Wags and Red Update

A long overdue note to tell you how great the puppies are doing! Everyone remarks about how sweet and good they are--and of course how cute. We are truly enjoying them, and I think they are very happy as well. Starting some professional training next week at our house. I know they will be super easy to train, but just didn't think I could train both. I'm sure they will be very good students. They have now had all their shots and love going for walks and playing with other people and dogs. They are super social. I don't see any kind of pack mentality with having two boys. Sometimes they sleep on top of each other, and sometimes they choose to sleep far apart. They have been great with kids of all ages and sizes. Not too much mouthing or jumping--only in the early morning when they wake up and are ready for fun. Sleeping through the night and very few accidents. Wags is very food oriented and we have found him on top of the kitchen table a few times. Of course we reprimand him, but it is awfully funny with this furry little guy smack in the middle of the table as if there is nothing wrong with the idea. Red is so sensitive and probably the only dog who actually wants you to look him in the eyes and tell him what you want. He has this very majestic posture sometimes, so I call him Captain Red. And Wags likes nothing better than napping, tummy side up, on top of the boys or Bill.
Love, the Baker Family

Pena-Bear Update

Dear Kristen,
I thought I send another update on Pena. We are really starting to see his great personality now. The doggie teenage years have come and he has become quite michievious lately. But he is so smart and is obendient most of the time. I now groom him myself as he hold so still for me on the table and the clippers which he was so afriad of a few month ago seem to be not big deal now. He will jump right in the car and only gets carsick on long trip over an hour. His poor little heart ussed to race so fast but even now that seems ok. Attached is a picture of me grooming him. And he is being just perfect prince! Hope all is well with you and the dogs.
Best wishes,
Shelley and Pena-Bear

Blue Update

Kristen & Brandon-

We just love Blue. His temperament has not changed a bit since we picked him from the litter. He is still a complete love bug. He loves to cuddle. Since he doesn't shed- we let him up on our family room couch. He seems to love his place in the family. As soon as one of us sits down, he hops right up to keep our lap warm. I know some people don't allow their dogs on the couch- but I think this has only increased our bonds with him. He doesn't beg for food or attention- he's just content to be near us!
Headrick family