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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kristen and Brandon,

We couldn’t have selected a better companion. Jasper is the best dog and has been a gem of an addition to the family. I often tear up when I hear Bryce say “I love you Jasper” - and that’s a feeling Bryce doesn’t share easily. Moorea is the main trainer and Jaspers leading lady. I normally am the one to get up first to open his crate. Jasper is quick to do his business outside and then immediately goes to Moorea’s bedroom to give her the morning wake up lick-kiss. Bryce sleeps on the top bunk in his room and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, Jasper learns to climb the ladder.

Jasper is a very social dog among people. Of course, his naturally born personality fits the bill and I believe it’s also due to the amount of weekly socials we have at our house. It amazes me how he remembers people who have come before and who are new to the scene. Strangers get the deep bark and once they are identified as friend, Jasper gives them the smell over test and the tail begins to wag. Now that we have had the last round of vaccines, puppy play dates can go beyond the back yard and I’m sure Jasper will be just as friendly with ‘nice’ dogs.

Jasper uses Moorea as his ‘shield’ in Puppy Class. There are two dogs (out of 10) he does not like. Whenever it’s play-time and these two dogs come within two yards, Jasper moves behind Moorea and peeks around her legs. He is known as Sir Jasper at Puppy Class because of his good manners and smarts. Jasper wins a prize each week in the competitions. This week Moorea was able to leave 14 pieces of food on his paw while saying “leave it” while others struggled with getting their dog to just lay down during the exercise. Moorea says it’s “kinda embarrising” for Jasper to be winning all the prizes.

We continue to get Jasper complements and I must say, the complement begins with Brasken Kennels and the leadership from the two of you in breeding amazing dogs. Rose and Mighty Z made an incredible pup in Sir Jasper and Sir Jasper was the missing link in our family. Our family is complete … despite Moorea’s daily visits to your website to show off the newest pups in hopes that we will say ‘yes’ to a sibling!!! OK – perhaps one day.

Thank you,


Remy Update!

Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know Remy is doing very well. She is sleeping through the night (yay!) and letting me know the important stuff, like when we should go outside!

We are having so much fun getting to know each other. I LOVE having my little shadow :)

She had her first vet appt yesterday. They got along very well, even when Remy had a shot! 
Remy & I wanted to send a few pictures, we'll do that in a separate email (not sure how to attach to this one in my phone, lol).

We'll definitely check in again with updates as we have more adventures and excitement!

Best, Stephanie. (And a lil woof woof from Remy too)