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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shiloh & Koa

I have two Brasken Kennel doodles from the early Brasken days. As you can see they are beautiful! Koa will be 3 in April and Shiloh will be 4 in March. They are the best companions anyone could ask for. Shiloh is extremely smart and very easy to train. She does a “happy Dance,” and backs up to the “beep, beep” sound, just to name a couple of commands she knows. Koa is just a big happy, lovable boy. Also, smart and wanting to please. These two babies have grown up with my grandson, Jake, who is now 5 and-a-half. He can get those two doodles to do just about anything he wants, even though they out-weigh him by almost 20 lbs. It’s great to see all the Brasken doodles. They are really a top notch kennel.
God Bless You,
Karen Francis


A Bruce-filled Life

Bruce has been with us for 12 days now and
he’s changing our lives in so many good ways. He was the biggest of his litter
(10 pups from parents Lilly and Z) and we kinda figure that he ran the show
while he was still with his brothers and sisters. He has grown from 12 pounds to
14.5 pounds in that short time. He is a smart pup and is learning sit and down,
walking on a leash, potty training like a pro, and sleeping lots! His favorite
toys are a plush fox, blue rubber bone, and of course his bully stick which he
will chew on for minutes (hours in puppy time) on end. Surprisingly, crate
training was a cinch with Bruce. He has an extra large kennel so that he can
comfortably grow into his space. He sleeps in the crate at night and any time we
are gone from the house. This keeps him outta trouble and feeling safe when we
cannot be with him. We love this puppy stage but are anxiously awaiting the days
we can romp with him in the snow and at the beach! Thank you Kristen and Brandon
for our awesome new partner in crime. Keep up the good work!

Nyssa & Joshua
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