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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kona Update!

Hi Silva Fam,
We just wanted to send a quick update. We absolutely adore our sweet girl! Kona is 17 pounds at 13 weeks with long legs and a beautiful coat! She just got her third round of vaccines and a health certificate to travel to NC next week to meet the family. She is almost house trained--she makes it almost all the way down two flights of city flat stairs when we don't notice that she needs to go. She does "go" on command when we most often make it outside. Her favorite spot in the apartment is IN the coffee table (shelf underneath). Kona is smart and knows exactly what she is allowed to play with (way too many toys), yet she loves to test her limits from the time to time with a hop up on the furniture. It is so funny to watch though...when we tell her "down," she pulls the front paws off and literally goes into a guilty "sit" on the floor. She has a new neighborhood pal-an 8 week-old goldendoodle and they are best of friends.
We took her for a haircut yesterday in preparation for the heat at the beach in NC. We miss her reddish highlights and flowing locks, but her buzz cut is so soft and we figure she'll be much more comfy in the heat!

We ran into another Brasken Family at the grocery last week--they actually recognized her outside of the store and thought she might be a Brasken pup. I think they have an apricot from the litter prior and probably met her when they were there to get their dog. Love it! Everyone is so surprised to see a chocolate labradoodle--we just love her to pieces.
Thanks again,

Sarah, Brian and Kona