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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brasken's in Berkeley!

Hi again Kristen,
and happy new year to all of you!

I just had to write as I had a fun walk today with my friend who I gather is planning on getting one of your great puppies, adding to the community of Brasken pups in Berkeley! I walked Bruin over to her house today so she and her husband could remind themselves of what a great dog he is, and though I realize he isn't a direct relation of any of your puppies right now (we were pretty tempted for a minute when we saw that huge litter you had of Bruin's full siblings!) we certainly vouched for what great breeders you are and what happy homes your pups come from. I hope it all works out, it would be fun to have another pooch to add to the Bruin / Puzzle mix around here.
Bruin is doing great, just so you know. He continues to win friends and influence people: we're constantly asked what kind of dog he is, and where we got him, and how we ended up with such a nice mellow boy! We love him a lot, and he has fun on the trail, in the parks, and of course chasing the tennis ball. I'm terrible at taking pictures, and they always seem to be in our kitchen, but I'll send you just a little snap of him a month ago or so, waiting patiently for a treat.
Our kids still talk about Solly... I hope his new life as a carer dog is working out well. If we ever get our vehicle and time together, we may come back to you for a friend for Bruin... I'm sure he and Solly would have been a great pair. But in the meantime, we are having a great time referring people to you and keeping word out on all your great dogs.
Hope you and Micah and Brandon are all having a great 2012 so far,
take care


Hi Guys,
I have been meaning to contact you but I just don't know where time goes. We are having such a great time with Ozzie.....he is such a sweetheart & his personality is slowing starting to come out ( although he does get tired & sleeps much).
He's already been to the vet & gotten his 2nd shots. He has started to feel comfortable in his playpen & doesn't give too much trouble when put in there....when we are home we lock him sometimes & let him have access at will also, so the combo is helping....he also started to whine less when we put him in the crate at night.... He sleeps next to my bed so I think that helps a lot as he is not alone. One his first night home, he went in the crate & wouldn't come out even for potty & we literally had to pull him out, the next day he howled for 15-20 minutes, slept for 3 hrs, did potty & howled again for another 20 minutes..... Yesterday he whined for 2 minutes... Love it. Purchased a large traditional crate today so let's see how that goes.
Potty training if going okay... He has had a few accidents when we were not paying attention but majority of the time he has gone outside. He's also lowing starting to use the doggie door. We put new gravel in the doggie run, so training there has begun.
Today we left Him 2 times in the playpen for an hour at a time when we were running errands & he was fine chilling in his big bed. So he knows, when we leave we come right back. Tomorrow will be a real test as school is back on & I go to work. He will be lone for 5 hours at least. Praying that he will not stress out or get scared.
I have to take my hat off to you. I just don't know how you handle a toddler, a baby and all those puppies. It's truly amazing. Thanks so much for giving us our new baby. Will keep you updated as much as I can.
May God Bless you both always,