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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chione Update!

Hi Auntie Kristen,

I just wanted to give you an update on how I’ve been doing since leaving Brasken Kennels!

I’m having a great time living in Los Angeles! When I first arrived in my new home, I was a little disoriented, and I didn’t like sleeping alone in my crate. But within days, I learned to love it so much that sometimes I would stay in there even when the door is open! I used to be so tiny that I would only take up half the crate.

And before I got all my shots, I was not allowed to play with other dogs, so my mommy would take me with her when she traveled, so I learned to love long car rides! And I’ve seen many places all over California. I even learned to be quiet in hotel rooms!

When I’m at home, I have plenty to entertain myself with! My mommy bought me lots of toys because I get bored easily! But even with the many toys that I have, I still prefer my daddy’s slipper!

Once I got all my shots taken care of, I started going to the dog park to play with my friends! I have so much fun there and I can run FAST!

And when I get home from the dog park, I get really tired that I go straight to sleep!

I’m growing bigger everyday too! I used to only fit in half my crate. Now I occupy my entire crate!

My mommy and daddy train me everyday! I can do: sit, down, rollover, kiss, speak, leave it and take it! I even ring the bell at the door when I need to go potty! I even learned to stay inside when the front door is wide open. But I like to stick my paws out the door to tease them:

In a nutshell, I’m having a great time!