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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shadow Update

Hi Kristen and Brandon, I am sorry you haven't heard from us in a while - we have been very busy with training Shadow. He is such a clown - loves to fetch, rich around with our 18 lb cat, and follow Rich wherever he is. He loves to sit in his pen outside and watch Rich working in our yard. Shadow has learned sit, stay and potty quite well. Of course there is still the occasional oops. He responds to his name when called, unless he has selected hearing at the moment! Shadow had his last puppy visit yesterday and is now ready to meet and greet other dogs. He how weighs 15.6lvs and seems to grow quite fast, he loves his food and eats alone with our cat. His coat gets fuller every day. Yesterday he awoke with a "pompadour". We love him and thank you so much for helping us make the right fit for us. We will keep you posted as Shadow begins his training classes. Again, thanks so much, Judy and Rich.