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Monday, February 28, 2011

Obi Update

Obi is doing great! I've been having fun teaching him to fetch--he seems to be catching on (especially if I play with treats). I live in a three level townhouse, and I decided it was time for Obi to master the stairs yesterday (I'd been carrying him up and down because he was scared of them). So, I worked with him on a short leash. Going up was really not a problem, but he was very leery about heading down. With encouragement, once he took the first step, and with the leash for additional security, he navigated down successfully several times throughout the day. This morning I was sitting with him on the living room deck and opened the door to get something. He scooted right through, dashed for the stairs and was in my bedroom on the upper level in an instant! I sat up there with him for a while, then when I was ready to start down, I stopped for a minute to get his leash. He darted right past me to the stairs and headed down. Be careful what you ask for! Now I'll have to gate all of the stairs!


Hi Kristin

Sorry for the delay - life has been very busy.

I'm glad to report that Inca is completely cured and has had a HUGE growth spurt! He is now nearly 10 pounds, he almost doubled in weight in 3 weeks (maybe I should check the food!!). He has a sunny, friendly nature, and greets each new person as if they were his long lost friend. He has had a few playdates with his (almost) relative, Jack Moebius and even though Jack is 10 times his size, he is still eager to play. Although he is very protective of his food: Jack was here for dinner once and Inca was so funny, dashing from bowl to bowl trying to make sure that he got all the food and Jack got none.

The tips you gave us on house breaking have been really useful, if the door is open he will run out to go potty. He hasn't yet learned to ring his bell to go out when the door is close, but I have seen him looking at the bell and the door in a slightly bemused manner. When I open it he dashes out. He will potty on command - it's amazing what treats will do!

We start puppy kindergarten in a couple of week which will give him some opportunities to make friends. We had a trainer come to the house for a session just to give us a head start, and the techniques she gave us work beautifully. He already knows sit, stay and off (for jumping up). He loves the car and is very enthusiastic about school drop off and pick up. He gets lots of attention wherever we go, and responds enthusiastically to all the compliments.

best wishes



Hello! Thought you might like a couple of pictures of Radley. He's really
growing and continues to be everything we had hoped for. He's still got a
lot of puppy left in him, but has really been no trouble. He's slept
through the night from the first day we brought him home and has no problem
with being kenneled. He responds to "kennel", "sit", "down", "off", "paw",
"outside", "hungry", "snack" (that's the favorite one), "no", and "go
potty" .... all with appropriate behavior! Radley can also pick out
"ball", "wubba", "toy", "stick", "squeeky" and "fox". He loves to play and
has been good in the house as well. He's not afraid of going up the stairs,
but a little timid about going down on hardwood floors (understandable).
Still challenged with the kitties and it's more out of desire to play with
them rather than hurt them, but it remains our primary focus and we're
working hard on that one. We love his personality and are so glad he's a
part of our family. Hope all is well with your family and we wish you the
best. Karen