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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi Kristen,
I've attached some pictures of our beloved Lucy. She is such a prize. I have owned a lot of dogs over the years and even bred and showed Lab's for several year's and thought the Labrador was by far the best breed ever. I was wrong. Labradoodle's from Brasken Kennel's are by far the best breed ever! Lucy is so smart, sweet and completely hysterical. We love her so much and she is such a mama's girl. She loves to ride in the car, play in the water, and of course dig big holes! (we're working on the hole digging). Anyway, I just want to thank you for allowing us to adopt Lucy. Our Boxer Stella also thanks you because they are the best of friends.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Thor at 11 weeks

Hi Kristen, Brandon, Micah and Doodles!

I hope you are all doing well! Thor is almost 12 weeks, and he is everything I wanted and more. I am so glad that after the long wait and search for my companion dog, I decided to bring home a Brasken labradoodle. Thor was crate trained after 3 days at home with Ross (his daddy) and me. He is gentle, sweet, cuddly, friendly, intelligent and well-behaved. I was totally pooped for a few weeks when he came home, with him waking me up to go potty 3-4 times a night. Thank God, this week he has been holding it all night long since he was 11 weeks! He loves meeting new people and dogs. Whenever he meets new people, he is friendly and happy. When he meets children, he sits, wags his tail and licks their hand gently. When he plays with other dogs, he is my crazy little monster...muzzle-punching, wrestling, barking and zooming. He totally recognizes my coworkers, friends and roommates, and wags his tail and prances over to them when they come near him. At home, he follows me everywhere, often with a toy in his mouth. Now that he is crate-trained, he sleeps on the bed with me about half the time. When I am at work, Thor stays in a large exercise-pen in the employee break room with a comfy blanket, toys and water. He gets lots of love from my coworkers whenever they take a break. When I take mine, we go for walks and play fetch and tug and practice tricks. On the way home, in the car, he sleeps quietly or sticks his nose out the window...but he doesn't like it when the wind blows his ears. :) When we get home, we play for a while and practice training. Thor eats his breakfast and dinner out of a kong and loves his food. He is determined and focused when he's eating...but he never guards his food, and we practice food handling every time he eats. His favorite treats are lamb jerky, compressed rawhide and salmon skin. When I read, Thor likes to curl up next to me or play with his toys at my feet. His favorite game is to collect all his toys from around the house and pile them in front of me. When I watch tv, Thor lays next to me and naps or sits on the floor and watches when there are interesting noises or lots of movement. He had his first puppy class last weekend and he is already top of the class. While everyone else in the class is beginning training on everything, Thor already comes to and knows his name, sit, down, shake, spin (in both directions), stand up and "uh-uh" (no, leave it, drop it). We are currently learning roll over and still working on potty training (he is doing really well and has accidents very rarely and in easy to clean places!). We also went to our first puppy social this last weekend, and he had so much fun that he passed out for nearly the rest of the day after! All in all, Thor is a wonderful dog and I am so happy to have him. Thank you so much!

Sarah & Thor