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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pelle boy Update

I’ve become quite attached to Pelleboy and love him to bits.

We’ve gone through dog obedience classes and I’ve got a pretty good handle on him, although he can be quite stubborn and bossy at times. He is affectionate, lovable, playful and quite the goofball. He is also the smartest dog I’ve owned so far. I love his 75/25% mix and I would definitely have that mix again. If I were to get another puppy I would come back to Brasken Kennels. I had him neutered at 6 months. I’ve taken him to the groomer a few times and will continue to do so to keep his coat from matting, I also brush him every day.

All in all he is a great dog and I’m always getting compliments about him when we go out for walks/beach/hikes.

I was fortunate to be able to be at home while he was a baby, he would have torn the place to bits, but I was on top of him and we didn’t have to buy a new couch or patch holes in the walls, like some people I know that have had puppies.

He is still very much a “Mama’s boy”.

Take care and any info you can give about other puppies in his litter would be appreciated.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Rosie Update

A funny picture of Rosie I thought you'd enjoy.
Rosie Stats-
Her back is almost all gray.
She weighs 46 lbs.
Loves to fetch
Loves to sleep
Is not a "morning" dog
Loves kids.
Is a "whimp" when walking at night (i.e. barks and growls at trash cans)
Loves to chew up sprinklers
Loves getting her belly rubbed

Hope all is well.

Josh and Family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obee at a year old

Hi Kristen:

I know you asked for these a long time ago, we finally got around to sending them to you (Gregg is in charge of all the photography and I am internet and technology challenged). We have a couple of great pictures of him jumping off the dock in New York - I'll send those along too. Feel free to post to your blog - I don't know how to do that.

Update on Mr. Obee (Oberon)
I know everyone says this about their dog, but really, Obee is the best wooferdoodle! He turned 1 on October 2, and he's about 70 pounds now. We get compliments on what a nice looking and well behaved dog he is all the time. Children love to touch him and he is great with them, very patient and gentle. He has never chewed anything he isn't supposed to (knock on wood), and his coat has what we refer to as frosted tips. People in LA have asked us (much to our surprise) if we have his hair highlighted. It is LA, but no, we don't, he got that from his Mommy, Brandy! His favorite activity in the entire world is to put on his doggie lifejacket and go to Huntington Dog Beach, where he can meet other dogs and play in the Ocean for hours. He most definitely is a water dog, much to our pleasure. Obee loves his doggie door, his crate, our couches and bed, bully sticks (the drained ones), playing with all sorts of toys (his current favorites are the interactive ones: Tug-a-jug and Everlasting Treat Ball (which we fill with a scoop of his doggie food) and squirrel, skunk, or pheasant skinneys (unstuffed animals). His best friend is a 3 year old Black Lab named Sterling. He is a star at doggie daycare and travels everywhere with us, has spent several nights in Hotels with no complaints. We have found that the best way to walk him is on the Easy Walk Dog Harness, which helps with pulling. He is a great protector of me and the house while Gregg is at work (he has been working long hours). His only challenge has been how vocal he is, and we are trying to teach him that he only needs one bark to get our attention. We love him dearly, can't imagine life without him, and are waiting for the perfect time to get him a Brasken brother or sister.

Abbey, Gregg, and Obee