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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pat & Bogey

Hi there,

I wanted to let you know about Bogey’s progress in his life. I don’t know how to blog so I am just emailing you guys.

Bogey is just the best dog. Mark, I and the grandkids love him to death. I have been busy over his first two years of life with obedience training. We train with Kathy Kroop in Templeton. He is stellar. We took the Good Dog Certificate test last year. He passed with flying colors. Just last week, he took the test to be a Therapy Dog. He passed the Delta Society test with an A+. It took 2 hours to take the test and he had to be on his best behavior without treats!!! We are in the process of the paper work certification. When that is all finished we will be working with Julie Stass in her paw-sitiveencounters program in the North County.

Bogey is also a good companion traveling in the motor home. We call him our gentle giant (little pony) because he is so at ease and easy. He spends many a mile looking for cows out the window. He knows the word cows and looks and looks for them. When he spots them, his tail wags a mile a minute. Speaking of understanding words, he is amazing. He knows over 50 words and as many commands.

He is a wonderful dog that happened to get all the great qualities of his parents. I have attached a photo of Bogey that will be his official badge photo.

Pat Gabler of Paso Robles

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Pat and Bogey

Shiloh & Koa

Taken this past Sunday at Coronado Dog Beach - Koa's first beach
and he had no fear of the water. Those two are so good together
Koa follows his big sister everywhere.

Darwin turns 2!

Hiya Kristen!
Over the weekend we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and Darwin's 2nd birthday in Monterey/Pacific Grove. No matter WHERE we went.... it was a mob scene! We found a dog-friendly hotel and he was able to stay with us! When we got to Asilomar beach and the second we unclipped his leash PA-POW!!! He ran so fast to the surf it made my head spin! Sunday we found a dog-friendly patio on Fisherman's Wharf and enjoyed a nice lunch in the beautiful sun. Maggie wanted to poke inside the different shops on the wharf and when we'd come out I'd look for Chris and Darwin and only have to look as far as the biggest cluster of people. SO many people asked to pet Darwin, take a picture with him (even a pair of young Japanese tourists!)... ask questions. It was hysterical. It's a good thing Darwin is so humble.... attention like that could make one egotistical! He was ever so patient with all of the fawning and petting. I took him over to visit our neighbors across the street yesterday. Mr. Wallace was in the hospital for a week having had a heart attack and some other medical issues. I brought some pumpkin bread and tea over and was just going to drop off and play with Darwin outside. He stayed on our lawn until I called him across the street to say hi. Mrs. Wallace invited us in and his reaction was amusing. The Wallaces have exactly the same floor plan minus one big wall. Darwin was looking and sniffing around and looked very confused as if "it seems the same, but what have they done with all of our furniture?!?!" Heh heh. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace always comment on how he's been such a good boy even since he was a teeny tiny pup.

Give soft belly caresses to Brandy, sweet nothings to the puppies waiting to come greet the world for us, a big scratch behind the ears for the rest of the gang..... and of course hugs to you three bipeds!