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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shiloh Update

She’s hard to take pictures of – she’s fast! I was shocked she sat for me to take a couple of pictures – she actually posed for me! I love this girl… she’s the best.

She won a prize in puppy school this past Sunday – the quickest to sit on command.
She’s been easy to train so far.

Love, kk

Hi, Kristen and Brandon,
Gracie is doing better than well. We took her to our weekly luch at Casanova today.
Gracie just finished her shots, got micro-chipped, and weighs 26.1 lbs. Going to have her spayed in mid Dec. Very special dog. We are starting a "Good Manners" class with her on Nov. 4th. Really looking forward to that.
How are the two of you doing? Hope life is treating you both well.
Let us know if you plan to come up this way. We will take Gracie to lunch.

I've attached a few photos of the pups. Wags is terrified of the camera (too many photos when he was little???) so I mostly got the back of his head. The one attached was from afar with a good zoom lens!!! They are tied to the boys basketball hoop in the front of our house while we play handball and basketball. Needless to say, they love watching over the boys and greeting passerbys who like to stop and give them pets. Yes, I do need to get back on track with the training. Summer was easier with more time and longer days. I definitely need to pick up the dog whisperer books again!!! They do respond easily and Red was making progress in the walking. With your advice, I've already been ignoring the wrong behaviors and even in a short time, he has responded well. They really are lovely dogs and while they have their puppy tendancies, there energy level is perfect for us.Take care and congratulations!! -Julie