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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue the "Perfect Family Dog"!

We have been so happy with Blue that I do consider getting another at some point. I'm just not sure my yard can handle two? If it had Blue's exact personality- I could do it. But, the chances of that are slim. He's so mellow and loves lounging on the couch. I walk him 45 minutes a day and he likes fetch in the yard occasionally- but he really just wants to be with us inside. He plops himself down wherever we are and chills. I guess that is the Poodle in him. I definitely have a soft spot for Poodles now.

I worry (probably unnecessarily) that if I got another one- they would tear up the yard and bark. Things that aren't a problem now. :) If only I had more space- I would be a guardian to all of, really. You guys do breed the perfect family pet. It's hard to restrain myself!! :)