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Friday, May 29, 2009

This is Blue- he is the best dog ever! He is enjoying the wildflowers at Carrizo plains in this picture. He is much loved by his family and loves to snuggle with them. He is a great running partner, and his ball is his best friend. Thank you Brasken Kennels for a great family member.

Pelt & Marisa

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on Darwin, F1b chocolate labradoodle

I am so glad you mentioned that Orange Collar Boy was still available last year because we'd be Darwin-less if not! Truly he has etched his place, indelibly, into each of our hearts. You should have seen Chris come home last night from work. For all of his silly teasing, he really missed Darwin also. The house seemed so empty yesterday as we waited for the groomer to call for pickup!

I think I may have mentioned, but if not... Maggie calls him "my protector". She can't really fall asleep unless he's in her room at night.

It's just an awesome feeling when he sees us first thing in the morning and runs up with his tail wagging, but more like circling counter-clockwise whirling motion. He might be a helicopter dog! I don't know if this is typical with Labradoodles, but he often acts like a cat. He'll push through our legs and present his bum for scratches and wrap around to try to give kisses or grab his tail and encircle one leg. It's quite funny! You may have seen the photo of Maggie and Darwin on my FB, but it reallly captures their bond. She was having a rough week (and growing pains to boot!) and Darwin could just tell. This is one of my fave photos of them.