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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jack in San Diego

Here is Jack Moebius. He is a california labradoodle living in San Diego, CA. He is from our October, 2008 F1b litter.

Here is Red!

Red is a handsome boy! He is a California labadoodle, living wih his new family in Redondo Beach, CA. Red is from our October, 2008 F1b labradoodle puppies litter.

Cutest Thing Ever!

Here is one of our chocolate F1b babies. He was born in October, 2008. He is staying a California Labradoodle since he is living with his new family, the Rosendin's in Livermore. His name is Darwin.

Red and Wags

Here are brothers Red and Wags with their family on their first snow trip! These are chocolate F1b puppies from our October, 2008 litter.

Our Puppies are growing!

Here are a couple pictures of Kapena- he is from our May, 2008 F1b litter. He is happy and living now near Los Angeles, CA with the Kemp family.